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Entry #1

This journal entry is fascinating.

2010-09-07 16:21:51 by Sockembop

Very fascinating. You are fascinated, I can tell.

This concludes the journal entry.


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2010-09-08 06:55:00

holy SHIT YOUR RIGHT!! TOO... FACINATEEEEEED! *explodes with fascination*

Sockembop responds:

Ooops. Did I do that?


2010-09-11 17:26:33

I'll kill you

Sockembop responds:

I'll come back from the dead and kill your family and friends and burn everything you own. Actually probably not, sounds like a lot of work.


2010-09-11 17:28:11

I would rather say I am... intrigued. The longer I stare at the word "fascinating", the more odd it seems.

Sockembop responds:

Like that thing that happens when you think about a certain word too long and it gets to the point where you aren't even sure if it's really a word at all.

"Fascinating? What is that anyways? Am I spelling it right? I know I am, I just have this weird feeling about it just the same."

Very eerie.


2010-12-20 19:55:23

We all miss yoou Sock!
Please come back!!!
RIP <3

Sockembop responds:

Okay :P


2014-05-26 13:25:12



2015-06-11 00:40:16

Hey sorry I was going through a lot of bad stuff but I'm back now. I'm on Ubuntu now and not Windows. I saved your photo to my backup drive now

Sockembop responds:

Oh no! Hope everything is okay with you now.


2015-06-11 19:35:29

My new background

Sockembop responds:

Haha that's great. I am flattered.